Mosaic House Maze

Mosaic House exterior

Mosaic House offers hotel, hostel, apartments, restaurant, and live music venue in Prague, Czech Republic. They are constantly rated one of the best places to stay, eat, and party - and for good reason.

Mosaic House's lounge in Prague

Mosaic House is a unique place that doesn't fit into any traditional hospitality or gastronomy category. Apart from the comfort they offer in their rooms (4 and 5 star) and the deliciousness of their food and beverages - their real magic is everything else they offer.

They are dedicated to art, displaying contemporary artwork throughout the property. It's impossible to miss, as the building feature three giant mushrooms outside the property and another five mushrooms located on the building.

They are pioneers in the comedy scene, hosting the annual PRAHAha International Comedy Festival every November. This year they had shows in English, Czech, and German, featuring over 50 comedians from over 12 countries. 

They have an amazing live music venue, featuring artists from around the world on a regular basis. They also use the stage for unbeatable karaoke nights and host pub quiz nights.

I worked at Mosaic House for over a year and a half, I was able to fully experience everything they have to offer. I am a big fan of their product and have met some amazing people there. 

While working there, I was approached by management to create a Mosaic House maze for the office. 

Mosaic House maze

Hidden inside the mosaic blocks of the maze are words and symbols that Mosaic House is famous for. Can you find them all?

The maze is currently displayed in the Mosaic House conference room.

Mosaic House maze in the conference room