Artist Bio

Bernie McCabe is a contemporary maze artist who lives and works in Atlantic City, NJ. “Maze Artist” is McCabe’s preferred title as everything he makes is a fully solvable, start-to-finish maze. His mazes can be found on canvas, wood, T-shirts, skateboards, shoes, buildings, parking lots, and in museums.

Bernie is drawn to mazes for their complexity and for their ability to visually mirror the feeling of being lost with so many directions to choose from. He presents life as a maze that needs to be navigated as the main theme in his work, whether that be navigating an existential crisis, navigating pop culture, or navigating the nuances of love.

Bernie’s hope is that his playful and interactive artwork serves as encouragement for people to solve their own maze and get where they want to be, regardless of how many dead ends they run into along the way. 


Artist Statement

When you take a maze and really look at it, you’ll see the parallels to life. In a maze, there is a “Start” and a “Finish.” In life, we are born, and at some point, we die. Both are full of complicated pathways between the two points, yet there is also a way to “solve” them.

That solvable path is a representation of the person I want to be. The best version of myself. I want to navigate through the twists and turns, the chaos of life, and emerge as the person I want to be. Regardless of how many dead ends I run into, it’s all about the journey.

So I paint, sculpt, draw, and design mazes, as it helps me navigate life, tell my story, and have some fun in the process.

 Mazing Art Studio

Mazing Art Studio

Mazing Art Studio is the name of my studio practice which is focused on making fully solvable start-to-finish mazes in the public and fine art space. I use mazes as a narrative device to explore complex subject matter, conceptually driving sentiments through the use of clean line work, bold colors, eye-catching design, and a signature over-under style of mazes.