Find Your Way Mural

This 40-foot mural states "Life is a maze, find your way." There are large "Start" and "Finish" signs on the lower level, indicating where you should begin and end the maze, and there are 4 different solvable paths between the two (dark blue, green, orange, and light blue).

It represents the journey we are all on in life, the complicated, overlapping and tangled paths we are all on, right next to each other. There are multiple arrows pointing in random directions, indicating the upward, downward, and lateral movements we take on our journeys. It mandates that you "find your way" as encouragement to solve your maze and get where you want to be, regardless of how many dead ends you run into.

Find Your Way is located at 14 S Tennessee Ave. in Atlantic City, NJ.

The mural was featured in the Atlantic City Arts Foundation Artierors program.