Somers Point BRP Maze

This maze was commissioned by Mike Royce to commemorate a dear friend.

Mike Royce and a full size print of the Somers Point BRP Maze

Here are Mike's words:

I chose Mazing Art Studio by Bernie McCabe to help memorialize my dear friend, Brendan Robert Pancoast because I knew that Bernie was the only artist with enough heart and skills to create something this complex and sentimental, and still make it look as beautiful as a sunny day in Somers Point.

When I first moved to Somers Point from Japan in 4th grade, Brendan was the first person in class who approached me and started talking to me. Asking me questions and really showing interest. This meant a lot to me and speaks volume to Brendan’s character because I was the new, foreign kid in class who barely spoke English that no one wanted to talk to. He didn’t give a care, and ever since then, we became friends. We skated, played jail-breaks at night, boxed, talked about girls, played knock-and-runs and other mischiefs, fought, and then fought some more but always made up seconds later. I still think about those days and I will forever cherish those memories.

I want to say thank you to Bernie for putting a smile on my face as well as everyone else’s faces that love and miss Brendan.

-Mike B. Royce

Prints are available of this maze, available to all who love and miss Brendan. A portion of the proceeds will be donated in Brendan's name to Carrier Clinic, the charity of the Pancoast family's choosing. 

The original is 30 x 40 inches and was gifted by Mike to Laura Pancoast, Brendan's sister.